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Outdoor Apparel & Adventure Clothing

The most crucial part of your outdoor adventure is the outdoor clothing you decide to wear. When dressing for an outdoor activity, whether it’s a quick run, a lengthy walk, or an adventurous trip, you should take the weather and the planned activities into account. Dressing improperly can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, especially when it comes to footwear. Your journey will be more enjoyable if you dress appropriately and casually. At Adventure Primal we offer a comfortable clothing range with unique features to ensure you’re comfortable on your trip outdoors.

Outdoor Clothing

Outdoor clothes come in a wide variety, and what sets them apart is often the material from which they are made. Make sure you buy a variety of clothing items to ensure that you are prepared to go outside in any conditions. Waterproof materials are essential for rainy days, whereas sun protective clothing is vital for particularly sunny days. These allow you to spend a lot of time in the sun without risking the health of your skin. Our specially designed Long Sleeve Shirt with Neck Gaiter UPF50+ is made from polyester and spandex, providing you comfort and complete protection from the sun’s UV rays. Breathable materials are also excellent for hot weather, and some athletic apparel has the added benefit of minimising perspiration. We also stock a range of stylish and comfortable women’s fishing shirts for the ladies. If your adventure clothing and wardrobe is sufficiently diverse, you’ll be able to put together the appropriate apparel for every weather situation. Our outdoor adventure clothing provides excellent freedom of movement developed for outdoor activities like fishing, boating, hiking, cycling, golf, climbing and camping.

Quick Dry Tactical Shorts and Pants

Our Quick Dry Tactical Shorts and Women’s Quick Dry Pants are made with advanced moisture-wicking technology that ensures you stay dry and comfortable even in the most humid conditions. The durable, lightweight fabric offers supreme comfort and freedom of movement, making them perfect for various outdoor activities including hiking, fishing, camping, cycling, golf, climbing, and more.

Both durable adventure apparel are available in various colours and are versatile, with multiple pockets for convenient storage and adjustable waistbands for a customisable fit. Whether navigating rugged trails or casting lines by the water, these quick dry shorts and pants are your ultimate companions, blending functionality with a stylish edge. Discover the difference today and level up your outdoor adventure wardrobe.

Water/Aqua shoes

Keep your feet comfortable if you want to fully enjoy your outdoor activities. Blisters that hurt and broken shoes are enough to ruin any trip. If you’re going to be strolling outside in the rain or snow, make sure you have waterproof footwear on. For people who prefer being outside, especially near or in water, there are many types of water-resistant footwear available. They are comfortable and easy to put on, making them perfect for water and beach sports. Our outdoor footwear such as our Water Shoes are simply designed for comfort with a pull-on or slip-on style. Although they are simple to navigate, they are also ideal for a variety of casual uses away from the water. Fantastic for everyday use.

Durable Outdoor Wear Tips When Buying Outdoor Apparel

Choosing the right performance-focused outdoor apparel really boils down to putting safety first. It’s all about the gear, like sturdy waterproof hiking boots for outdoor adventures and waterproof outerwear that won’t hold you back or compromise your safety during those adventurous outings.

When you’re out facing the elements, having breathable outdoor clothing for hot climates can be a game-changer, ensuring you stay comfortable no matter how hot it gets. Sure, snagging a cheap jacket might seem like a good idea at first, but it just can’t offer the longevity or protection of a slightly pricier but much more reliable piece. In the long run, spending a bit more for something that lasts isn’t just smart; it’s also kinder to your wallet and your adventures. This way, you get the complete benefits of investing in high-quality outdoor apparel.

Outdoor Gear for Various Australian Adventures

Our Outdoor Apparel range is meticulously designed to excel in various outdoor pursuits, offering versatility, durability, and comfort tailored for the Australian outdoor lifestyle. Our range ensures that whether you’re fishing, hiking, or engaging in water sports, you’re equipped with high-quality gear that meets your needs.

Fishing: Perfect for anglers, our outdoor gear for fishing is crafted with functionality and comfort in mind for extended hours by the water. Featuring reinforced pockets for secure gear storage, quick-dry fabrics to keep you comfortable, and UPF sun protection to shield you from harmful rays, our fishing clothing essentials are designed to enhance your fishing adventures.

Boating and Canoeing: Designed with the aquatic enthusiast in mind, our gear is ideal for boating and canoeing, offering water-resistant materials and secure closures to safeguard your belongings. Lightweight and breathable fabrics ensure mobility and comfort, making long days on the water enjoyable.

Hiking: Our outdoor clothing for hiking is built for rugged durability and weather resistance, ready to withstand the rigours of the trail. Moisture-wicking properties and breathable fabrics keep hikers dry and comfortable across varied terrains and climates, supporting every step of your journey.

Yoga: Embracing the serene outdoors, our yoga gear combines flexibility with comfort, allowing for a full range of motion while maintaining breathability. Ideal for outdoor or beach yoga sessions, our apparel supports your practice in harmony with nature.

Aqua Jogging: Specially designed for water-based fitness, our aqua jogging apparel features chlorine-resistant and quick-drying materials, ensuring durability and comfort during your water workouts. Experience enhanced buoyancy and freedom of movement in every session.

Boarding: Whether you’re into surfboarding, paddleboarding, or any boarding sport, our gear is engineered to offer protection against the elements while ensuring maximum flexibility and style. Quick-dry technology and stretchable fabrics allow for an unhindered boarding experience.

We believe in investing in comfort first, offering outdoor wear for the Australian climate that meets the demands of an active lifestyle. With various outdoor clothing alternatives, Adventure Primal is your go-to provider for enriching outdoor experiences with quality, function, and style.

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