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Ladies Fishing Shirts

In need of a comfortable and stylish women's fishing shirt for your next outdoor adventure? The most crucial part of your outdoor adventure is the outdoor clothing you decide to wear. Dressing improperly can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, at Adventure Primal we offer a comfortable women's clothing range with unique features to ensure you’re comfortable on your trip outdoors. Adventure Primal’s fishing shirts provide a more feminine fit while still offering the same safety and comfort as men’s fishing shirts. Women’s fishing shirts are often constructed from breathable, light materials that are intended to keep you cool and comfortable while on the water. There are many different types of fishing shirts including, long-sleeved, polyester and long sleeved rashies.


Adventure Primal’s Women's Fishing Shirt Options


Long Sleeve Fishing Shirt

Our Women's Fishing Shirt Long Sleeve ticks all the boxes for female anglers. It's comfortable, stylish and provides UPF50+ protection against the harsh Australian sun. The Chinlon fabric provides the benefits of traditional nylon material whilst being softer and nicer to wear. It is also a quick drying fabric that has great air permeability keeping you cool and dry when fishing. It even has removable sleeves to turn it into a stylish collared T-shirt if needed.


Polyester Retro Stripe Shirt

This retro stripe women's fishing shirt has classic styling with a sleek design and long sleeves for full protection. Look stylish in this polyester and spandex material that will keep you comfortable in the harsh Australian conditions all day long. The perfect shirt for any outdoor activity. Wear it fishing, hiking, cycling and even when you hit the gym.


Long Sleeve Rashie

Our Women's Long Sleeve Rashie comes with a full length zipper for easy removal. It is suited for all outdoor activities including swimming, surfing, running, hiking and biking. Our Women's Long Sleeve Rashie is UPF50+ offering you the best protection whilst you are in the sun.


What to Consider When Buying Women’s Fishing Shirts

Choosing the right women's fishing shirt to buy will rely on a number of things, including the type of fishing you intend to perform, the weather where you'll be fishing, and your own particular fashion choices. For instance, you might want a thin, short-sleeve shirt with moisture-absorbing technology if you're going fishing in a warm climate so that you can stay cool and dry. In order to stay warm while fishing in a chilly location, you might wish to wear a heavier, long-sleeved shirt. Depending on the type of fabric used, the shirt's size, and the design, a women's fishing shirt can provide many benefits. Generally speaking, the majority of women's fishing shirts are constructed from breathable, light materials like cotton, polyester, or nylon. These materials are perfect for fishing in warm weather because they are often comfy and lightweight.


Outdoor Apparel at Adventure Primal

When buying your outdoor apparel it's important to consider when, where and how you will use it. Adventure Primal's Women’s Outdoor Apparel range is appropriate for:

  • fishing

  • boating and canoeing

  • hiking

  • beach yoga

  • aqua jogging

  • paddle boarding

There are numerous options for clothing, but when it comes to women’s outdoor clothing, comfort comes first, therefore it's crucial to choose a supplier who agrees. Adventure Primal offers a range of outdoor apparel!
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