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Water Shoes

Adventure Primal’s water shoes are purpose-designed and come in a variety of styles appropriate for both genders. Adventure Primal specialises in outdoor apparel, ensuring comfort and protection during your outdoor activities.

Our shoes are designed for those that love the outdoors, especially in or around water. They are designed specifically for comfort and are either a pull-on or slip-on style so that they are easy to put on. We reckon these are the best shoes for beach and water activities. Alternatively, they are great for a casual use away from water as they are comfortable to walk in. Perfect for everyday use.

Ideal uses for our Outdoor Shoes:

  • Fishing

  • Boating and Canoeing

  • Hiking

  • Beach Yoga

  • Aqua Jogging

  • Paddle Boarding

Why should I buy a pair of Water Shoes?

Water shoes are made of permeable materials that conform to the shape of your foot. Excellent aqua shoes are form-fitting and comfortable, with no restriction of circulation or cramping. During the Australian summer, Adventure Primal’s biggest sellers are quick drying aqua water shoes, which provide a safer experience on boat decks and in the water. The rubber sole of these aqua sports shoes allows you to navigate all types of aquatic terrain.

Our water shoe collection is sure to provide you with the best support whether you prefer kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, or simply walking by the sea. These shoes give a protective barrier around the tops of your feet and toes, reducing the likelihood of severe cuts and abrasions. These shoe's thicker rubber sole not only protects you from dangerous items, but also provides superior footing and traction on rocks and slick boat decks.

Material, Protection & Waterproof Design

Lightweight, permeable materials dry quickly and do not collect water, making our outdoor shoes the best boat shoes for fishing that are easy to store and carry with you wherever you go.

Non-water shoes frequently become heavy when wet, disrupting the smooth, fluid movements desired in underwater footwear and adding weight while not submerged. Their well-ventilated textiles with various drainage points and perforations to let water drain from the shoe and avoid this discomfort. These shoes, on the other hand, are intended for use on both wet and dry terrain. Sipped outsoles, like tyres, assist transfer water to the side when you make contact with the ground, making them fantastic for traction.

These shoes are flexible and made of mesh material for increased ventilation, which aids in the cooling of the feet. This also provides for greater water flow when immersed and drainage when not submerged.

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The proper footwear is essential for every sport or activity because it allows you to perform at your best while also offering the necessary level of protection. When buying aqua shoes it's important to find what's comfortable for you, browse our water shoe collection online today!
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