Skirted Jig Head (5 pack)

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Quantity: Pack of 5 random colours
Length: 90mm
Weight: 13g
Hook size: 3/0
Eyes: 3D Lure Eyes

Enhancing Your Angling Game: How Our Skirted Jig Head (5 pack) Can Revolutionize Your Fishing Experience

Are you tired of coming back empty-handed from your fishing trips? It might be time to switch up your angling game and try something new. Our skirted jig head (5 pack) could be the missing link to revolutionizing your fishing experience. These innovative lures offer a combination of versatility, action, and presentation that can attract even the most stubborn fish.

Skirted jig heads are designed with a weighted lead head, typically covered by a silicone or rubber skirt that mimics the appearance of baitfish or other prey. This lifelike presentation entices fish to strike, increasing your chances of a successful catch. The added weight also allows for precise control and accuracy, making it easier to target specific areas where fish are likely to be hiding. And as a further benefit, these jigs are weedless.

Whether you're an experienced angler or a beginner, skirted jig heads can take your fishing skills to the next level. Their ability to mimic natural prey and entice fish with their lifelike movement make them a must-have in every angler's tackle box.

So, if you're looking to enhance your angling game and revolutionize your fishing experience, grab a pack of skirted jig heads and get ready for your best fishing trip yet. Don't let another opportunity slip away – give yourself the advantage with this game-changing lure.

Item Details

Quantity: Pack of 5 random colours
Length: 90mm
Weight: 13g
Hook size: 3/0
Eyes: 3D Lure Eyes

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Product name

Skirted Jig Head






7 colors


3D Simulation Fish eyes


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