Sinker Mould

Want to know how to make sinkers? Our sinker mould range is a great way to start and it’s not difficult at all. 

Make your own ball and snapper sinkers in various weights. Even pyramid sinkers. Mould sizes as follows: 

Snapper Sinker Moulds

Small mould makes 2 x 1 Ounce Sinkers, 2 x 2 Ounce Sinkers, 1 x 3 Ounce Sinker
Medium mould makes 1 x 4 Ounce Sinkers, 1 x 5 Ounce Sinkers, 1 x 6 Ounce Sinker
Large mould makes 2 x 4 Ounce Sinkers, 2 x 8 Ounce Sinkers, 1 x 12 Ounce Sinker


Ball Sinker Mould

This mould makes:

1 x 1/4 Ounce Sinker
1 x 1/2 Ounce Sinker
1 x 1 Ounce Sinker
1 x 2 Ounce Sinker
1 x 3 Ounce Sinker
1 x 4 Ounce Sinker
1 x 6 Ounce Sinker

Pyramid Sinker Mould
This mould makes 1oz, 2oz, 3oz, 1.5oz, 2.5oz

How to make sinkers:

Ensure you are wearing protective clothing and all care must be taken when heating and pouring lead.
Put scrap lead into saucepan and heat until molten (lead will normally melt at 650 degrees).
Once lead is molten use a cooking spoon to take away any impurities that have risen to the top.
Take your coat hanger wire (wire is only used when making sinkers that require a hole in the centre) and place within the mould.
Using the tongs grab tour mould carefully and have the pouring cavity facing you.
Pour molten lead into mould until cavity is full.
it is recommended the mould be preheated before use.
Once mould has been heated up and your lead is fully molten and clean you can proceed to pour the lead in to the cavity.
Wait 10 seconds and using pliers pull wire out then proceed to open mould.
Using your pliers snip the excess lead of the top of the sinkers.
Good luck and remember to always take care.
When disposing of unwanted lead please take note of your local authority about appropriate methods.


Lead is a toxic material
Use PPE when handing moulds
Use dry moulds as water can cause molten lead to explode.


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