12V Winch Solenoid with Remotes

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Our 12V Winch Solenoid with remotes is suitable for any 12 volt solenoid operated winches. Easily activate the winch on your 4wd, SUV or trailer from a safe distance.

A winch solenoid is an electrical device used to control the operation of a winch. It has two main functions: to open or close the winch spool and to activate or deactivate the winch motor. The two wireless remotes make this operation a lot easier.

12V Winch Remote Control Twin Handsets


Wireless winch remote control with twin handset. Will work with any 12 volt solenoid operated winch. Easy to install.
Latest heavy duty long range model. Visual indicator light shows remote operation.


Distance: about 150ft
Remote size: about 45 x 105 mm
Receiver size: about 45 x 60 mm
Power voltage:12V


12V Winch Solenoid Control


Suitable for 9500lbs-17000lbs
Coil rated voltage :6-110V DC
Operating power :15W
Contact circuit voltage and loading current:80V DC Max 250V AC 500A
Mechanical life :100,000Ops
Electrical life :50,000Ops
Environment temperature :-40 °C -85 °C
Frequency :10Hz-200Hz
Speed : 60-100 per min
Operation regulation :Continue
Installation direction :Random


500amp 12v Winch Solenoid
Sealed and corrosion resistant
Solid heavy duty construction
Wireless remote compatible
Solid heavy duty construction
Suitable 9500lbs-17000lbs - Series wound and permanent magnet
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Package Contents:

2 x Remotes
1 x Receiver
1 x User manual and battery included

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 12.5 × 10 cm


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