Fishing Rod

Check out our fishing rod range. Suitable for those that do a bit of travelling and would like to take a rod with them.

Our Goture Travel Rod 4pcs is a carbon fibre light weight rod in length options from 1.98 to 3 meters. Choose either spinning or casting, depending on your style and reel selection. For use in both fresh or salt water. Pack your suitcase with our Travel Fishing Rod next time you go on a trip so you can fish where ever you are.

Spinning Travel Rod / Casting Travel Rod
1.98m / 2.1m / 2.4m / 2.7m / 3.0m
Our Ghotda Telescopic Rod Saltwater is a collapsible fishing rod with the blank composed of a composite plastic and carbon fibre to make it unbelievably light. So light you could use it as a junior telescopic fishing rod.
Available in 5 different sizes:
7 foot telescopic rod = 2.1 meters
8 foot telescopic rod = 2.4 meters (actual length is 2.35m)
9 foot telescopic rod = 2.7 meters (actual length is 2.60m)
10 foot telescopic rod = 3.0 meters (actual length is 2.90m)
12 foot telescopic rod = 3.6 meters (actual length is 3.20m)


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