Fishing Reel

Are you after a fishing reel? Check out our range. We’ve covered the bases.

High speed retrieve fishing reels available in left or right-handed with anti-reverse. With their high gear ratio, this makes it the best spinning reel for lures that require fast action or high-speed retrieves.

Reels with high drag. Maximum drags up to 21kg

Our Baitrunner reel is perfect for those that like to let there fish run a little before striking.

And there is a range of baitcasters available with different ratios suitable for slow or fast retrieves, depending on your lure type.

Useful for inshore fishing, surf fishing, shore fishing, river fishing, bay fishing, and lake fishing

For the different sizes of reels, see the size chart and line capacity under each reel.

We’ll have a fishing reel for you!


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