Automotive Cabling

Our Automotive Cabling is a Twin Cable Sheath Wire suitable for automotive and 12v solar system applications.

Features an oxygen-free copper wire and reinforced PVC cover with black sheathing, our twin core sheath wire can handle any application. Excellent for wiring up your 4wd, camper trailer or caravan.

The Automotive Cabling is waterproof, fire-retardant and can withstand extreme temperature changes without losing any of its effective conductivity. It is designed to meet Australian standards and is SAA-certified.

Are you wondering what type of wire for your automotive or what automotive electrical wire gauge chart to use? With many automotive electrical wire size charts available for overseas use, it can be difficult to determine what this means here in Australia. For an easy to use automotive wire gauge calculator to determine the right size of automotive wire to use, please have a look at this site:

NOTE: Please determine the correct cable size for your application. The nominal area should be used for this purpose. The nominal area of one core of this cable is shown below in the specifications. 


* Twin sheath automotive cable
* Oxygen-free copper core conductor
* Low eccentricity
* Reinforced PVC material
* SAA-certified
* RoHS
* Can normally work up to 450V AC/DC


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