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Fishing Pliers Australia

Quality fishing is dependent on quality accessories. Fishing pliers are a widely used instrument, and a necessity for most fisherman. Regardless of what type of fishing you do you will most likely require a pair. Pliers are useful to unhook a fish, flattening and tightening hooks, and grabbing or cutting lines.

Choosing the Right Pliers For Fishing

Which pliers are the most suitable for your needs? Simply put, the best pliers for fishing are those that do the job efficiently, last a long time, and are affordable. When investing in your accessories it’s important to ensure they are multifunctional to make your life easier on the water. High quality fish pliers can remove hooks, bend wires, change split rings, cut lines and assist with fishing tasks with ease.

Fish Pliers – Function and Form

Material: If lightweight is ideal for you, then aluminium fishing pliers are perfect for you. Alternatively, is strength, hardness, and durability at the top of your list of fishing tool requirements? Then, choose high-quality stainless steel options with corrosion resistance. If you primarily fish inshore or in freshwater, aluminium or stainless steel will most likely suffice. Titanium, on the other hand, is your best pick if your travels take you offshore and need you to tackle enormous fish capable of bending steel. Adventure Primal have Aluminum Fish Pliers that have stainless steel jaws for corrosion resistance.

Features: Basic pliers have line cutters that can easily cut fishing line with ease, however, if you use a lot of nylon or braided fishing lines you will need to ensure you don’t have blunt pliers. Look for pliers that are sharpened in order to cut with ease. Similarly, side cutters of pliers should be strong enough to cut through hooks in case it becomes buried in your gear or finger. Lastly, Strong hand grips are essential for getting the most out of your pliers. Some pliers contain grooves and edges to keep your hand from slipping when wet, while others have a contoured design for maximum comfort during use.

Every angler should have a reliable set of general purpose pliers on hand. The correct tool for the job, on the other hand, is something to consider. Adventure Primal have pliers that are multifunctional so you can go on your adventure with no worries. Our fishing pliers are suitable for everyone from beginner to experienced fishermen, perfect to improve your experience.

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