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Our Cabling & Accessories range has twin cable for your automotive, boating, caravan or camping power needs. Excellent 12v solar system applications.

Our cabling starts at 2.5mm for speakers or very low current requirements.  We then have cabling from 3mm to 6mm for your higher current draw systems.

Make sure you check out the specification for each product and determine that actually nominal area you need from our link under each item. You don’t want poor performance or even something dangerous to occur.

Our rolls vary in length from 10 meters for those with small projects to 100 meter lengths for serious systems.

Common Features of our Cables

Comprising pure oxygen-free copper and a highly durable and strong reinforced PVC cover with black sheathing, our twin core sheath wire can handle any application. Excellent for wiring up your 4wd, camper trailer or caravan.

The Wire is waterproof, fire-retardant and can withstand extreme temperature changes without losing any of its effective conductivity. It is designed to meet Australian standards and is SAA-certified.

We will continual add to our Cabling & Accessories range as we find suitable components or equipment. Be sure to come back and see what we’ve added.

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