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Check out our Batteries & Charging Equipment range.

We’ve got Sealed Lead Acid Batteries that are 12V in various sizes of amp hours. AGM batteries, Deep Cycle batteries, We even have the Battery box to put them in.

With any battery you’re going to need a way of charging them. Our Smart battery chargers come in various amperages for you to choose depending on the size of your battery setup and the rate of charge they can handle.

You can keep an eye on the voltages and currents being used with one of our inline meters. Just wire them into the circuit permanently or temporarily.

Batteries & Charging Equipment range provides off-the-grid power supply for 4WD vehicles, caravans, campers, trailers, motorhomes, saltwater/marine applications, and all 12V appliances including portable fridges and washers. Connect it into your solar and invertor system.

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