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A small vessel or motorboat can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Boats are a significant financial investment. If you have spent many years working hard to fulfil a lifelong desire of purchasing a boat, you should probably spend a little more time to ensure that it is well cared for. A good quality boat cover is the greatest way to maintain a boat in good shape. Boat covers have numerous advantages. Adventure Primal have boat covers Australia wide from 12ft to 27ft to protect your boat from harsh weather when you're not using it. We are sure to have something for you!


Why Should You Invest in a Boat Cover?

Boat Covers are great for ensuring not just your boat but all your belongings and fishing equipment are kept safe. A good boat cover prevents boat theft because anyone passing by your property cannot see what type of boat you have, what condition it is in or what you keep on board while you travel, giving you peace of mind and saving you from potential trouble.

Australia is known for its harsh sun during the summer, it is critical to protect your vinyl seats from harmful UV rays or they can fade and crack . When water is absorbed by cracked or damaged seats they can become subject to water damage or mould which can cause further decay of your seats. A boat cover repels the rays and protects the seats and interior to ensure your boat can stay comfortable and look good for years to come. Additionally, if your boat is in storage a good cover will ensure that dust and other particles will stay off your boat to keep the interior clean until you use it again.

Boats are generally waterproof, but a waterproof boat cover is important to ensure that there's never too much water on the deck that can cause water damage.


Choosing the right Waterproof Boat Cover

A quality boat cover will protect your boat in pristine condition not only at sea, but also on a trailer, in storage, or while moored. A well performing cover can also maintain your boat in top shape for when you decide to sell and upgrade! But how do you choose the right boat cover for you?

Cost: The cost of your boat cover will determine the quality. It's important to invest in a higher quality boat cover as boats are a costly investment that need to be protected.

Size: Choosing the right size boat cover should ensure that the cover fits perfectly to protect the inside and keep animals or debris out. The width of your boat is the widest point and the length is from the tip of the front to the back of the stern. Adventure Primal’s boat cover sizes include:

  • 12-14ft

  • 17-19ft

  • 19-21ft

  • 21-23ft

  • 23-25ft

  • 25-27ft

Fabric: The quality of the fabric is important in ensuring that the boat is protected from the weather. Our waterproof boat covers are UV resistant, heavy duty and durable with strong stitch work and made from Premium 600D Oxford fabric.

Protect your investment and keep your boat looking great with Adventure Primal’s boat covers. Browse online today to find the right one for you !
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